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The FibreShare Tribe: 15 Knitters To Follow Right Now

March 4, 2017

We’re so pumped to launch the first share of 2017!  Your sign up forms have been pouring in, and we’ve been eagerly skimming through all your fun hobbies, yarn philosophies, funny comments.. We’re just really excited.

Here’s a roundup of some participants who stood out to us, and you should get in the FibreShare spirit by saying hi on Instagram!  Who knows, maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to snag one of these folks as a partner… 😉

*Photos are reposts from each featured person.  Please visit them directly by clicking on their photos/links!

Life Is Cozy

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1.  @life_is_cozy

Meet Ksenia, a knitter who just launched a beautiful website, filled with patterns, tutorials, and inspo!

McKenzie @emtothetird knitter zine makera

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2.  @emtothethird

Meet McKenzie, a knitter who also draws zines and has some bomb ass glasses.  Seriously, we really love her glasses, LOL.

knitcher handcrafted wood childrens toys

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3.  @theknitcher

Meet Chris, a knitter who also has an Etsy shop filled with handcrafted wood children’s toys!

kari fisher designs block printed fabric

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4. @theculbears

Meet Kari, a knitter who also makes stunning block printed fabrics & home goods!

Dea Tattooed Knitters Punk Rock Unicorn Hand Dyed Yarn

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5. @tattooedknitters

Meet Dea, tattoo artist by day, knitter by night.  She has an awesome indie dyed yarn brand called Punk Rock Unicorn!

foothills flowers wedding flowers and natural dyes

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6.  @foothills_flowers

Meet Sadie, a knitter who also runs a flower farm!  She and her husband grow organic flowers for weddings and markets, AND they sell natural dye stuff + naturally dyed yarns.  SUPER cool.

Caitlin Ffrench knitwear designer natural dyer

Photo via:

7.  @ffrench

Meet Caitlin, a knitter who is best known for her badass knitwear patterns and natural dye prowess.

Kindred Red Hand Dyed Indie Yarn

Photo Via:


Meet Amalia, a knitter who hand dyes some seriously magical yarns!

Ink Bags handmade knitting project bags

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9.  @ink.bags

Meet Erika, a knitter who designs and sews rad project bags.

Tessa Awalt-Conley Interim Knits Podcaster and Intern at Wing and a Prayer Farm

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10.  @tessentury

Meet Tessa, a knitter who also spins, interns at @wingandaprayerfarm, AND hosts a podcast called Interim Knits!

Sarah Robbins Illustrator Knitter

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11. @sarahrobbinsdraws

Meet Sarah, a knitter who also illustrates dope stickers and whimsical prints.

Ash Alberg Sunflower Knits Pattern Designer


12.  @sunflowerknit

Meet Ash, a knitter who designs GORgeous knitwear that still looks cozy enough for everyday use.


handmade dolls by minimadchen/

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13.  @minimadchen

Meet Dani, a knitter who also dyes yarn and hand-sews some of the most adorable dolls we’ve seen around the block.

Virginie and Argos her dog @vhc_717

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14.  @vhc_717

Meet Virginie (and her dog Argos), a fab knitter who… well we just think she has a really cute dog.  You should follow her just to see her dog haha. Not kidding.

Rachel Beckman Multi Media Artist Illustrator Weaver

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15.  @rachelbeckman

Meet Rachel, a super cool knitter who also creates multi-media art that we ADORE.  Weavings, paintings, zines… This chick can do it all.

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