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Tina Watson of Herman Hills Farm

April 18, 2016

Our guest today is a shepherdess, spinner, dyer, weaver, and all around fabulous fiber artist: Tina from Herman Hills Farm!  We’re so thrilled that she’s taken the time to share her story today… be forewarned, there are several sheep photos that will give you a major case of the heart-eyes.  Plus, her farm fresh spinning supplies and handspun art yarns are out of this world!  We hope you’ll stop by to visit Tina’s Etsy shop and Instagram feed after reading her story.  She’s definitely someone you should get to know!

Aaaaand surprise! …keep your eyes peeled, because there’s a Herman Hills Farm giveaway coming up soon on our Instagram feed!! Woo!


Herman Hills Farm Christina Watson

Herman Hills Farm 2

Hi, I am Tina Watson and I am the shepherdess at Herman Hills Farm. I breed Wensleydale and Cormo sheep on our 175 acre family farm in the rolling hills of SW Ohio. I have had livestock for over 35 years. Even though caring for livestock, having a family, and taking care of a farm is a 24/7, 365 day a year job, I still find time to work on my fiber art!

Herman Hills Farm Wensleydale Sheep 1

I am a spinner, weaver, and indie dyer. I have been dyeing for over 13 years. I LOVE color! Dyeing fleece is one of my favorite things to do. I am always experimenting with mixing colors and combining different techniques for unique colors.

Herman Hills Farm Wensleydale Locks

The sheep do all the work growing the fleeces, but it is up the shepherd(ess!) to keep the sheep healthy and the pastures clean in order for the fleeces to be beautiful. I take great care in keeping the fleeces free of vegetable matter. Many hours are spent keeping pastures and fence lines clear of weeds which can get stuck in the fleeces. Even though this is a lot of work, the end result of nice clean fleeces, makes all the work worthwhile!

Herman Hills Farm Wensleydale Sheep 2

All of the wools grown on the farm are sold via the online farm shop on Etsy. The shop has everything from washed and dyed locks/fleece, handspun and batts, to roving and yarn that has been processed at a local mill.

Herman Hills Farm Farm Fresh Yarn

Herman Hills Farm Wensleydale Sheep 9Visit Tina here:



Etsy Shop


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