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What to Send To an Unexpected FibreShare Partner

January 1, 2018

What to Send: BY CRAFT

Each time you sign up for a round of Fibreshare, you will select a preferred craft.  (Several of you are multi-talented, but to make matching slightly easier, we ask you to just pick ONE.)  This helps us match you with a partner who has similar interests.  But there is a chance you’ll be matched with someone you don’t expect.  So here’s a breakdown of what to send to the following crafts:

  • Knitting – you really can’t go wrong with two or more skeins of nice, higher quality fiber that either match or coordinate color-wise. Pay attention to the yarn weight they prefer. You don’t want to send bulky yarn to someone who prefers fingering, or vice versa. 
  • Crochet – it takes A TON of yarn for one crochet project so consider sending multiple skeins of the same colorway. Also find out what sorts of projects they are drawn to and you’d be surprised how much you will glean from their answer. 
  • Weaving – weavers use smaller amounts of yarn, but need several different types and colors of yarn to complete one project. Consider diving into your stash and winding up some of your own yarn so that they can really bulk up their stash.
  • Spinning – basically all you need to know about this craft is they like making the yarn that the rest of ya’ll like to craft with. Most spinners have a preference on the type of prepared fiber they like to work with, like batts, braids, locks, etc. Also some like to add sorts of fun bits to their handspun like sparkles or hand-dyed locks.
  • Macrame – Rope, and lots of it! But don’t limit yourself there. Throw in some hand-dyed rope or other interesting fibers that would look interesting in a macramé piece. The possibilities are endless!
  • Punch-Needling – similar to weavers, these crafters use smaller amounts of yarn in several different colors or textures – but be sure to pay attention to their preferred yarn weight because they need specific tools for different yarns.
  • Felting – I like to think of felters as painters who use fiber instead of paint, and really, doesn’t fiber make EVERYTHING better?! Consider sending an eclectic sampler of high quality wools. Hand-dyed wool, curly locks, and some fun add-ins will make a dreamy package for any felter!

*Need more inspo?  Check out the #fibreshare hashtag on Instagram or peruse our “Anatomy of a FibreShare Package” blog series here.


You still with us?  Great, we can tell you’re an awesome FibreShare partner!  Each round, you will also select a Fiber Philosophy that best describes your taste in yarn and fiber. Just in case you were matched with someone outside of your fiber preference – here’s the low-down on each category:

  • Is it Yarn?! I want it! – These folks aren’t picky. They see a skein of yarn in a color they like and THEY JUST HAVE TO HAVE IT. You’re probably okay sending them just about anything, but unless they specifically say they love acrylic yarns, we do recommend you stick with high end yarns.
  • Natural – They prefer their fiber to come from nature. Plant and animal fibers are usually acceptable such as wool and cotton, but steer clear of yarn that’s labeled “acrylic” or “nylon” or “superwash” (Sometimes they don’t mind a teeny bit, but when in doubt, just ask!).
  • Vegan – They may be small in number, but they’re strong in their beliefs. Whatever you do, don’t send animal fiber. They don’t agree with animals being used as a commodity, and this also includes silk and/or milk and pearl fibers. Some vegans may also prefer natural plant fibers or sustainable yarn over synthetics – but if in doubt – just ask!!
  • Sustainable/Reclaimed – These environmentally conscious fibre-lovers want to make sure their yarn habit and the companies that support it are socially, economically, and ecologically sustainable. They most likely have a company they prefer to support – so just ask! But thrifted, vintage, reclaimed, and recycled yarns are always a safe bet.

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